Ive had some time on my hands due to the current world wide pandemic (shocker!) so I thought I would share a breakdown of what I consider to be my core styling habits and go to items!

P.S. as soon as the thrift stores open back up I will restock inventory & thank you for your patience! xxxx


  • This is the most important one in my opinion, so this comes first! By curating/selecting an easy to wear daily stack you allow yourself to simplify this step in your morning routine. Iyou're really lazy like me; sourcing sterling silver or solid gold jewelry is the way to go because you don't have to take it off when you shower/swim! Finding a good everyday jewelry combo is key because accessories make your outfit appear well thought out and complete. I wear a stack of three layered necklaces almost everyday paired with mini huggie hoops or chunky gold hoops; but mostly chunky gold hoops. Because hoops elevate any outfit; sweatshirt and hoops? Baller. T shirt and hoops? Also baller.
  • I typically check Etsy and small vintage jewelry shops on Instagram when searching for jewelry. I prefer to buy things secondhand/from small businesses vs. big companies for the most part; by shopping small you're helping someone pay the bills and I think thats a win win! Here are some of my fav shops: @farewellfinejewelry, @manicgrape, and @kittyskarats.


  •  Bad hair day? Too lazy to shower? Wanna feel like a mysterious gypsy? Hair scarf.


  • Along with jewelry, belts are another easy way to finish off an outfit and add another layer of intrigue. A leather belt with silver or gold hardware is a timeless classic so be sure to be on the lookout for some. [Match it to your jewelry, or don't! Mixing metals is cool in my book.]


  • If you've watched some my TikToks you may have noticed how often I wear these Nike Blazers! Ive had these kicks since I was in high school and I still love them so. much. Super comfy and timeless! Link here.


  • This style shoe practically goes with any outfit and more importantly they elongate your legs and give you added height.
  • WICKED WHITE BOOT - NAKED WOLFE: Super fun summery boot; I personally think they make a practical everyday shoe and they are extremely comfortable. Linked here.

  • JADON (MAX) BOOT - DOC MARTENS: These are a great investment and worth every penny. You can get stomped on at a concert/bar and your feet wont get crushed AND you can easily clean them off w a Clorox wipe. Bye bye gross beer smell post concert/bar. They double as winter boots as they're waterproof and warm. You can wear them in the summer with a skirt or a dress and lace trim socks or you can wear them in the winter with jeans or a sweatsuit. Basically what im getting at is that these shoes are equally as stylish as they are practical; so go buy some! P.s always check Poshmark for doc martens as they often have pairs that are gently used for a fraction of the price. Shop new; Linked here & here.


  •  Pop a turtle neck or long sleeve under your baggie tee, t shirt under your slip dress, collared shirt under a sweatshirt, sweatshirt under a blazer, you get the idea...


  • All white, all denim, all black, all orange doesn't really matter what color it is but when you stick to one color you instantly look like you put a lot of thought into your outfit and gives you an elevated vibe. 


  • I used to think steaming/ironing your clothing was stupid and something only old ladies did but ~I GET IT NOW~. It wasn't till I started modeling that I fully grasped the importance of crisp steamed clothing. You never see an advertisement with wrinkly clothing and thats part of the reason it looks so good! So do yourself a favor and make a mental note of this right now. I promise you will find that you are WAY more likely to wear things that you already own when they resemble how they looked when you first purchased them. The one I have from Lowes is super affordable, compact and easy to use, link here! (19$)


  • This is my go to for colored eye makeup (24$ & Vegan/Cruelty Free, linked here). I don't like wearing mascara because I feel like I can never fully get it off and it makes under my eyes appear darker so I usually stick to fun eyeshadow and blush! You can use it as an eyeliner or eyeshadow and it actually stays on all day.


  • This is my fav sparkly powder eyeshadow by Colourpop; it also comes in various other shades but this one is a good everyday option. (6$, & Vegan/Cruelty Free, linked here) I like this because again; I don't like wearing mascara/face makeup but I do like to do a little something and this adds some sparkle to my look. [ sparkles are a really great way to distract from under eye bags ;-) ]

Hope this inspires you all in some way, follow me on Insta for more fun! Let me know if you found this helpful and would like to see more blog posts like this!

xx Montana


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